Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Kirkham and Pne Creek

> Heather
> I am looking for information on Kirkham hot Springs and Pine Creek

nice place, but it's been years since I've been there:(

(but you have to know george's dog's name to get directions:)


I can't remember the name of the campground near Kirkam though. Pine Creek
Campground is over by the tetons...

It's a state campground, but I couldn't find (readily) the official state

Traveling via Motorhome

> We are planning a trip to Idaho (via motorhome) in early fall and
> would like to get some information on places to see and things to
> do; also, to get a > current map of Idaho, if possible.

Idaho is a great place to visit and I've found most areas to be very RV
friendly. Maps and itenerary planning services are available through State
offices at:

I didn't find a clear, easily available index of RV camp sites though. There
are many out there, but I used as my metric the "Scenic Six RV campground"
in Potlatch. I found it at:

but I had to know what I was looking for....:(

It might be best if you review the results of the google search:

and find the directory you like best.

Have a safe trip!! The trip from Maine TO Idaho is, in itself, quite an
adventure!! I like it best after one gets this side of the Missisippi:)

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Travel Information

> Please mail me info on your state. I will traveling there soon.
> thanks
> Lesle

The folks at The state dept of commerce can help you out:

check out:

I hope you enjoy your visit!!

Monday, May 05, 2003

Moving to your State

>Is there some info you could send me about moving my family to
>your beautiful state?

To get info on different towns/cities check here:

The official state site is at: most of the
information you need is probably there.

The state's visitor section covers a wide range of items on the

And of course there are the Real Estate links on

thanks for your inquiry,